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Schools are an integral part of the community and like our homes or businesses have become targets for security breaches that affect the lives and well being of children and staff. Like anything of value they need to be protected and secured to ensure continuity and prevent theft, fire, unauthorized access, vandalism etc. Rush Security has considerable experience and expertise in providing schools with appropriate solutions to prevent an incident and drastically lower security risk. We have a track record of providing the following state of the art security products and services:

SchoolGuard Package

SchoolGuard is a combination of services that works together to provide the optimal solution for school security. It includes monitoring of alarms placed in multiple areas from our central monitoring center and 2 random patrols per night to maintain a presence and check on the facility.

Asset Protection Services

Having a dedicated physical security presence on your premises is regarded as the most reliable and thorough security option. Rush Security has an enviable track record providing on-site static guard services. Our security officers are trained and recruited on their ability to think on their feet and be proactive. They would also be a uniformed presence that adds to the discipline and image of providing high-level security. This service can be:

Permanent Guard Services – Where a full time security officer or officers are inducted and trained to meet your specific security needs on site. They would follow set procedures to ensure the safety of the premises and its assets. This could include day or night services or round the clock. The business or Rush Security could supervise these officers but the key is that they meet your unique requirements.

Casual Guard Services – Where you may require a security officer or officers for a specific duration or short period at set times, we are able to supply you with a reliable temporary well trained security officers.

Alarm Monitoring

Having your alarm linked to a monitoring center is key to ensuring 24/7 surveillance. An alarm on its own is seldom sufficient guarantee and it is all too common to hear an alarm going off in building with no one responding. Vigilant, experienced and trained Rush Security Officers using the very latest security software and technology are on-call at our Monitoring Center to:

  • keep a permanent “eye” on your business and premises
  • respond within seconds to an activation
  • alert the business owner to establish the circumstances of the activation
  • dispatch one of our roving security patrol officers to deal with the situation
  • contact the emergency services if required
  • ensure that the alarm is reset (if false alarm)
  • ensure that the premises is secured if an intrusion has taken place

IP Alarm Monitoring

Most alarm monitoring occurs via a standard phone line to our Monitoring Center. However, increasingly people are moving to voice over IP (VOIP) or Ultra fast broadband and fibre (UFB). In this instance:

  • we can offer a seamless monitoring of your business security via the internet (IP – Internet protocol)
  • we install a small device into your alarm panel, which will link to your Router or Modem (provided your alarm panel is not outdated)

Dual Path Backup GSM/GPRS Alarm Monitoring

Dual signaling enables us to use a mobile phone network and a telephone and/or IP path to transmit activation signals at high speed from your business to our Monitoring Center. It most commonly uses GPRS or GSM, a high-speed signaling technology used to send and receive ‘packets’ of data. This type of monitoring:

  • Reduces false alarms and unnecessary responses
  • helps considerably when the phone line is down as the dual signaling device can continue to send alarm calls via one of its alternative wireless paths

Video Verification Monitoring

If you have a CCTV system installed, we can provide video verification to your alarm activations, and can also view pre-alarm video information so that we can assess the footage from our monitoring center and provide insight into the event.

Alarm Response

Having a dedicated Alarm Response strategy to supplement our Alarm Monitoring is the ideal security solution. We have dedicated Patrol Teams waiting and ready to be dispatched to your home. The Monitoring Center will initiate prompt action depending on your requirements. They will:

  • call a pre-arranged list of people to confirm the circumstances that triggered the alarm
  • if an intruder has triggered the alarm our experienced team of security Patrol Officers are ready to respond immediately
  • each patrol team focuses on a clearly defined geographical areas, enabling them to respond faster ‘on average’ than our competitors
  • all vehicles are equipped with GPS and Navman navigational system to facilitate a fast and efficient response.

Mobile Patrols

Our professional and uniformed Security Officers provide a strong visible presence at your home and suburb, which is an excellent form of crime prevention. In addition to an alarm response service, we can provide:

  • regular property perimeter checks
  • mail collection/delivery when you are away from home
  • safety hazard reporting
  • Immediate action taken against any illegal activities on the property
  • property perimeter checks for trespassers/vagrants
  • property lock-up and unlock if requested
  • any security service you might need at your home.

Electronic Security System Installations

We have a team of trained technicians ready to advise and install any electronic security option that you may choose. We ensure that our technology products:

  • are sourced from the world’s leading manufacturers
  • are cost effective based on your requirements
  • meet the industry standards for intrusion alarms, access control systems, CCTV systems, video intercom systems.
  • are installed using only licensed and experienced security professional technicians
  • are installed meticulously and neatly

Key products:

  • Intruder Alarm Systems: These are designed to detect intrusions through sensors placed at selected points of the protected area. They can monitor doors and windows for opening, or unoccupied interiors for motions, sound, vibration, or other disturbances.
  • CCTV Surveillance Systems:Easy to install cameras are now affordable and are a valuable addition to your alarm system. They are a good deterrent for burglars, and you can keep an eye on your business when you are away via your computer or mobile phone.
  • Access Control Systems: A useful security feature where there are multiple access points. A system can be installed allowing pin number, swipe card or biometric scan to gain access. They can also be integrated into your intercom system allowing selected staff or customers to gain access.
  • Video Intercom Systems: This enables you to visually confirm who is visiting before you allow them access. You can also communicate with them and you will have an option to remotely open a door or gate.

Scheduled Maintenance and Servicing

  • Rush Security offers ongoing maintenance and technical support to a wide range of alarm systems and panels.
  • Provide remote service and maintenance to compatible alarm panels, which enables us to perform remote access code management, diagnostics and servicing reducing technical turnaround times.

Function Security

Rush Security can provide trained on-sight Security Officers should you have a function or social event at your home. They can:

  • monitor the traffic and vehicle parking arrangements
  • usher guests onto your property
  • prevent unwanted “guests” from entering
  • deal with any security or risk situation during the course of the function


We can provide accurate and useful reports relating to any security activity and monitoring related to incidents and interactions with Rush Security. We use live online reporting in real time to assess what is going on in the field. In addition, you will be able to log into your account, and retrieve information that will keep you informed of all security checks and activity. This provides additional peace of mind with regard to keeping track of detailed trends regarding your security.