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Do you want the world's best security systems working for you 24/7?

Whether you have a small retail space in need of surveillance or a multinational operation requiring a complex network of security systems, we have all your bases covered.

At Rush Security we’re more than a security guard company, we offer state-of-the-art security solutions from the world’s leading commercial security brands.

Let us guide you through your options:

Are you looking for the ultimate intergrated surveillance system?

Look no further as we pride ourselves on being at the cutting edge of security services and systems, which is why we’re proud to be an authorised integrator of Paradox products in New Zealand. Manufactured in Canada to the highest industry standards, we have access to the full range of Paradox innovations and our certified technicians are fully trained to install 24 hour security solutions into your home or business..

The beauty of Paradox integrated solutions is the ease of use. The advanced security control with leading HD and audio technology is the ultimate handheld onsite security guard and comes complete with these features:

* Secure multiple locations with one simple application

* Instant video and audio notification for alarm verification

* Unlimited recording capabilities and live streaming from any location worldwide

* To find out more, check out the brochure 

Download Paradox Insight™ Brochure PDF

Download Paradox Insight™ HD77 Brochure PDF

If you want peace of mind in the palm of your hand, there’s never been a better time to get in contact with us at Rush Security.




Intergriti - Serious software for serious business security


The world is your oyster with the mother of all fully integrated security solutions. The new generation ISMS (Integriti Security Management System) is the game changer for large or growing businesses and the result of 20 years of Inner Range innovation.

The Integriti is a real time monitoring genie. It’s been designed and enhanced as the control centre for a business’ global operations and can be personalised to the finest detail. Whatever the operation or size of your business may be now or in the future, the Integriti is more than capable with a reach that can extend across continents and time zones at any number of sites.


From the centralised security hub, data can be collected from various events and physical field hardware the ISMS is servicing and can even activate security componentry. A key feature that sets the Intergriti technology apart is the third party compatibility with HR Databases, Active Directory, CCTV Systems, Lift systems, Lighting, HVAC, Fire and BMS systems.

Conceived with future growth in mind, the ISMS doesn’t rest on its laurels and is constantly being improved and expanded with continued modular additions.

This is not your average corporate security system so if it’s comprehensive security you need, don’t hesitate to meet the future and call us at Rush Security to find out more.




Need an extra set of eyes on your premises?



Perfect for your retail business is the HikVision CCTV technology and with fourteen years at the sharp end of the market, they’ve seen it all. We work alongside the most innovative security companies and HikVision is not only a CCTV specialist but the world’s largest supplier when it comes to video surveillance equipment. From design through to the manufacture of cameras, DVRs and video management software, HikVision has everything a small to medium business needs.

Reducing the need for round-the-clock security patrols in your shop or business, HikVision surveillance packages can be purchased outright or rented through Rush Security. 

Our certified technicians can have your ceiling-mounted cameras up in no time so save that stress at the next stocktake and give Rush Security a call today.


Download CCTV Camera Kit Rental Brochure PDF

Download CCTV Camera Kit Brochure PDF